Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to access the MCOE Portal, and why do I need to sign in for the paid resources?

We have whitelisted school districts that have agreements with us for digital services. We receive a list of student and teacher information at the start of every school year. We do not share student information with any organizations or digital resource websites. Only teacher information is used to establish accounts across the multiple resources and for account management purposes. The Portal allows a smooth connection to the other paid resources without needing to remember another username and password, if at all.

How do I sign in?

Go to -> Click the button that says “Sign In with Google” and sign in with your school Google account. If you are a teacher and your student does not have a Google account then please let us know by emailing LaRae Demorest at with this information: First and/or last name, school. If you would like a generic account for a grade level without Google accounts then please let us know which school site you are at.

I forgot my password. Can you reset it?

Teachers will need to contact their district IT to have them assist with resetting their Google password. Our website database does not store Google passwords.

Why can’t I book items in Insignia?

Only teachers have access to Insignia. Insignia has a pop-up for logging in. You will need to look in the URL bar and see if it is blocking the pop-up. If so, you will need to allow all pop-ups from Insignia. Once you do that you can then click on the “Login” button on Insignia. Give it a few seconds and it will log you in using your Google information. You will then be able to book items once you are logged in. PDF Instructions
Insignia block pop up directions

I clicked on the California Streaming icon and it doesn’t have me logged in.

Please let us know. We will need to make a correction on our end due to some hiccups we encountered from the migration to the new Portal site.

I signed into Nearpod with my Google account, but some of the items want me to pay for it.

Nearpod is only available to schools that subscribe to it. We will need to add you to the district group so you have full access if under one of these schools. Please let us know so we may correct this.

Do I have full access to a website under the resource tab?

Websites under Resources have been vetted for student privacy and have free content available. However, the California State Library has subscribed to three databases that the full state has access to: ProQuest, TeachingBooks, and Encyclopedia Britannica. Access is granted through the Portal, and questions may be sent to LaRae Demorest at or 381-6630. If your school subscribes for BrainPOP then you will need to go back to the “Home” page and click on it there to log in.

What is MCOE’s privacy policy for students using the Portal?

Please review the policy and exhibit:


Updated: 11/17/20