We have whitelisted school districts that have agreements with us for digital services. We receive a list of student and teacher information at the start of every school year. We do not share student information with any organizations or digital resource websites. Only teacher information is used to establish accounts across the multiple resources and for account management purposes. The Portal allows a smooth connection to the other paid resources without needing to remember another username and password, if at all.

Districts with access:

  • Atwater Elementary School District
  • Ballico-Cressey Elementary School District
  • Delhi Unified School District
  • Dos Palos-Oro Loma Joint Unified School District
  • El Nido Elementary School District
  • Gustine Unified School District
  • Le Grand Union Elementary School District
  • Le Grand Union High School District
  • Los Banos Unified School District
  • McSwain Union Elementary School District
  • Merced City Elementary School District
  • Merced River Union Elementary School District
  • Plainsburg Union Elementary School District
  • Planada Elementary School District
  • Snelling- Merced Falls Elementary School District
  • Weaver Union School District
  • Winton Elementary School District


MCOE Programs with access:

  • VCS Los Banos
  • VCS Atwater
  • Scholars Charter, Comeback Charter, and Dual Language Immersion school
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Special Education Department 

 What is MCOE’s privacy policy for students using the Portal?

Please review the policy and exhibit:

Policy, PDF
Exhibit, PDF

How do I sign in?

Click the button that says “Sign In with Google” at the top and sign in with your school Google account. Only contracting districts are whitelisted to sign in with Google.

Other users may sign in at the bottom of the website with credentials provided by us. If you would like a generic student account for a grade level without Google accounts then please let us know which school site you are at. 


I forgot my password. Can you reset it?

Teachers will need to contact their district IT to have them assist with resetting their Google password. Our website database does not store Google passwords and we are not able to reset. If we created the account in the Portal for you then please let us know and we can reset.


Why can’t I book items in Insignia Library?

Only teachers have access to Insignia. You can still browse Insignia, but you will need to sign into the resource. Click on Insignia Library under the ‘Premium Resources’ page. Once you are redirected, then click on “Login” on the upper right in Insignia and proceed with signing into your Google account. Once you are successfully signed in then your name will replace the “login” button. 


I clicked on the California Streaming icon and it doesn’t have me logged in.

If you clicked on the CS image and you are not logged in then please let us know. Certificated staff are given an individual account, and students are signed into the generic student account in CS.

I signed into Nearpod with my Google account, but some of the items want me to pay for it.

Nearpod is only available to schools that subscribe to it through us. We will need to add you to the district group so you have full access if under one of these schools. Please let us know so we may correct this.

Do I have full access to a website under the “Resources” tab?

Websites under Resources have been vetted for student privacy and have free content available.

However, the California State Library has subscribed to three databases that only signed in users are granted access to: ProQuest, TeachingBooks, and Encyclopedia Britannica. Your local school librarian can also assist in getting access to the state library databases for students and teachers.

Please email Ldemorest@mcoe.org with any questions related to the Portal and the resources within.

California Streaming with CalSNAP

The Common Core State Standards explicitly calls for the use of digital multimedia. You will find the best video, image, and audio files available here. Videos and segments may be shared through Google Classroom by teachers.


CalSNAP search engine is now embedded into California Streaming. CalSNAP provides additional high quality secondary and teacher professional development and classroom content from Library of Congress and a brilliant array of images from Pics4Learning. See further below for a description of the growing list of CalSNAP’s partner content.


Insignia Library

Our Media Center carries items available for check out to educators within a contracted district. Our online library catalog displays class sets of books, videos, art prints, models, kits, CD-ROMs and more, that can be delivered to your school’s doorstep.


PebbleGO & PebbleGO NEXT

Databases are simple to navigate for K-2 and 3-5. They offer key reading supports such as read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting. Robust articles, all supported by read-aloud audio and connected to curriculum, include critical thinking questions to help students connect to larger ideas


PebbleGO modules: Animals, Science, Biographies, Social Studies, and Health. These are also available in Spanish.

PebbleGO NEXT modules: States, Science, American Indian History, Social Studies, and Biographies


Scholastic GO

Explore nonfiction texts, world newspapers, videos and more with this easy-to-navigate digital resource designed to strengthen content knowledge, vocabulary, and core proficiency skills.


Mystery Science

Mystery Science provides ready-made science mysteries for elementary school students. Each lesson contains a central mystery, discussion questions, supplemental reading, and a hands-on activity. Scroll down to the bottom of page to create an account.


Nearpod (addon option)

Nearpod is a cross-platform, device agnostic, and easy to use way to engage your students with interactive activities, connect them through collaborative discussions, and gain instant insight into student learning through formative assessments on Nearpod.

CalSNAP is now part of California Streaming and provides additional high quality secondary and teacher professional development and classroom content from Library of Congress and a brilliant array of images from Pics4Learning. See below for a description of the growing list of CalSNAP’s partner content.



Centropa is a non-profit, Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving 20th century Jewish family stories and photos from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. They have interviewed over 1,000 Jews and collected and digitized thousands of family photos. The current CalSNAP collection contains 57 films produced by Centropa.



The CK-12 Foundation was founded with the mission to enable everyone to learn his or her own way. Pairing high-quality content with the latest technologies, CK12 offers free textbooks through customizable Flexbook technology, including teacher editions Teacher Editions with workbooks, quizzes, and tests with corresponding answer keys. Content is broken down and presented in multiple modalities to fit different learning styles. In addition to flexbooks, CK-12 provides interactives interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance.


Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education empowers educators and students with resources to harness the power of technology for learning and life, including tool kits, lessons, posters, and videos for Digital Citizenship and Digital Teaching.



CommonLit is a free digital library of leveled texts: news articles, poems, short stories, and historical documents. Collections can be filtered by grade level, Lexile level, theme, genre, literary device, and Common Core Standards. CommonLit provides content organized by historical period or literary movement. Every passage comes with an introduction with essential background information, and footnotes with vocabulary words. Spanish text available.



DocsTeach is designed to assist educators in teaching with records from the National Archives. Its collection contains over 7,000 primary source documents selected by the education staff at the National Archives. These documents include a variety of media from the holdings of the National Archives—items such as George Washington’s draft of the Constitution, the cancelled check for the purchase of Alaska, Chuck Yeager’s notes on the first supersonic flight, and President Richard Nixon’s resignation letter.

In addition to primary source documents, the DocsTeach collection contains over 70 activities created by the National Archives Education Team. Teachers are allowed to adapt these lessons to fit their student needs or to create new lessons using National Archive materials and tools to create engaging activities that can be accessed online by students and shared with other educators.



DOGO News is an educational source for current events, news and non-fictional content for Common Core ELA, Science and Social Studies. With thousands of news articles and new original content added daily, it is a great online source of current events for students, teachers and schools. (Note: DOGO [doh-GOH] means young or small in Swahili.)


Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves is a nonprofit international educational and professional development organization whose mission is to engage students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry. By studying the historical development of the Holocaust and other examples of genocide, students make the essential connection between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives. The collection in CalSNAP includes videos resources that provide content that allow students to study and discuss these topics; additional print and media resources are available at facinghistory.org.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers instructional videos in math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. It’s mission  is “changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.” The tutorials are informal in style and organized for building knowledge one concept or lesson at a time.


Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. CalSNAP’s index includes over 100,000 maps, photos, prints, and drawings from the library’s American Memory digital collection.

American Memory is a gateway to the Library of Congress’s vast resources of digitized American historical materials, documenting U.S. history and culture. It is organized into more than 100 thematic collections based on their original format, their subject matter, or who first created, assembled, or donated them to the Library.



Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting.

Photographers from around the world donate images to this collection. While the photographers retain the rights to these photos, they have graciously allowed their use through this collection.

The thousands of donated photos are approved for use in the classroom, indexed, and sorted in order to maximize their effective use by students in a 21st century classroom.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free ebooks in a variety of electronic formats. Choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. The Project Gutenberg collection consist of high quality ebooks that were previously published by bona fide publishers. Through help from thousands of volunteers, books are digitized, proofread, and published.


Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Smithsonian Learning Lab puts the treasures of the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex within reach. The Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources, creating content with online tools, and sharing in the Smithsonian’s expansive community of knowledge and learning. Create collections of resources to engage learners, or freely adapt ones already made by Learning Lab users like you. Through CalSNAP you can search the collection of resources organized and structured for teaching and learning by Smithsonian education staff and subject experts.



Storynory has published a free audio story every week since November 2005. The stories are beautifully read by professional actors. The collection includes books and poems by classic authors, fairytales from around the world, myths and legends, and a host of original stories.


Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy provides access to more than 400 free ebooks for young children with text in English and Spanish. These early literacy titles are all original books carefully crafted to connect with young children and their families. They have narrated audio support in multiple languages (an initial goal of supporting the 300 languages) and contain photos and illustrations to authentically depict a child’s-eye view of the real world. The books are structured to reflect the most current research on the specific features that impact success for beginning readers of all ages.

The California State Library has purchased online databases for use by K-12 students in the state. To make access to these online resources simple, you can access them through your MCOE Portal account with no additional cost. See below for list of resources and descriptions of each. Vendor agreements and student data privacy


Britannica Fundamentals

Engaging and fun learning experience for students in kindergarten through second grade. Britannica Fundamentals has four unique and engaging paths for learning: Play, Read, Create, Explore. From language and literacy to geography and mathematics, Britannica Fundamentals supports classroom curriculum while also building digital literacy.


Britannica Escolar

Britannica Escolar is a Spanish-Language Resource for Native Speakers, Bilingual Students, and Students Learning Spanish. It provides accurate and age-appropriate encyclopedia content in two distinct levels of unique content—Primaria (Elementary) and Secundaria (Middle School).


Britannica School

Britannica School offers thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended Web sites, and three separate databases – elementary, middle, and high school.


ProQuest Central Student

ProQuest Central Student is a multidisciplinary resource that brings together some of ProQuest’s most used databases in education, humanities, psychology, science, social sciences, and news with results from thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, reports, and other types of content. The database provides students with millions of articles from more than 10,000 full-text scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers needed for academic success from the secondary education level through the university level.


ProQuest CultureGrams

CultureGrams is an online resource of reports on 209 countries, each U.S. state, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Reports contain information on daily life and culture, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world’s people, as well as audio, video, images, maps, infographics, and classroom exercises. The content is written at a range of reading levels to support a variety of users.


ProQuest eLibrary

ProQuest eLibrary delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content designed to support every range of users, including middle and high school students, college-prep and college-level researchers, and professional educators. Educators can search for resources that correlate to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards. eLibrary’s updated interface and features make research easy. Researchers will find the answers they need from more than 1,700 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcript titles, plus a collection of over 7 million maps, pictures, weblinks, and audio/video files.


ProQuest School & Educators Complete (Ebook Central)

Ebook Central (ProQuest School & Educators Complete)  includes ebooks from publishers such as ALA Editions, ASCD, Classroom Complete, and the National Science Teacher Association. The collection now includes a growing selection of over 12,000 titles with unlimited, multi-user access and a wealth of information in professional development and training resources. Almost 4,500 titles in the database have relevance to state, national or provincial curriculum standards, with coverage of all Common Core subjects.


ProQuest SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer is a general reference database providing safe, reliable, curriculum-aligned content and features for use by students and educators in the Primary and early Secondary school market segment. It is the only resource for materials targeted to student research. All content is hand selected and indexed from over 2,100+ reliable high-quality sources. SIRS Discoverer is created with special care to provide for differentiated instruction and information literacy requirements. High interest, relevant non-fiction newspaper and magazine articles, as well as graphs, tables and political cartoons are all easily accessible through easy-to-follow search and browse options.


ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher delivers the pros and cons on today’s complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story on the major questions of the day. Go in depth into any one of 345+ critical, current, and enduring social issues. Analysis and opinions hand selected from thousands of national and international sources such as newspaper & magazine articles, websites, videos, multimedia graphics, charts, maps, statistics, primary sources and government documents.



TeachingBooks is a suite of instructional resources that enrich the fiction and nonfiction books read by children and young adults. Databases include:

  •  Book guides & lesson plans
  •  Diverse books
  •  Literature-based vocabulary lists
  •  Meet-the-Author videos and book readings
  •  Resources for award-winning books


PBS Video Collection

Collection of more than 1,500 streaming videos of educational documentaries and series from PBS.


Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids

Suite of content from National Geographic Kids, including full articles from years of the magazine, books published as part of the NatGeo Kids library, and specialized videos.


Gale in Context: Environmental Studies

Specialized suite of content at the middle school and high school levels that specifically addresses issues and topics related to the environment, from the science concepts to manmade impacts to policy.


Gale Interactive: Science

This interactive tool includes 3D modules and interactive components to explore science – anatomy, chemistry, biology, earth science. Guides lead students through terms and concepts, as well as self-assessments to further learning.

Accessibility Tools