These are websites that have been vetted by ETC for their privacy policy. At minimum, each site has a free component without needing an account.
These websites are not managed by MCOE.

Arty Factory

Free art lessons.


Bomomo Interactive Art with spheres.

Color Matters

What is color?


Free coloring pages, lesson plans, and all things Crayola!

Denver Art Museum

Portal for kids and families to the Denver Art Museum.

Google Arts & Culture

Explore stories from around the world.

Google Quick Draw

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling?

Sketch Pad

Free online sketch pad.

Inside Art

An adventure in art history.

Denver Art Museum

An interactive browser-based Spirograph designer.

Virtual Lite-Brite

Learn about the art technique pointillism and explore with a virtual Lite-Brite.

Interactive Paint pad

Insight into the mind of a genius and the scientific and artistic principles he discovered.

Paint Pad

A modern paint program where the user is able to create paintings which resemble space nebulae.

Pixar in a Box

A fantastic course from Khan Academy that teaches the basics of animation.

Autodesk Project Ignite

Project Ignite allows students of all ages to have hands-on experience in 3D design.


Create colorful digital images using Silk Interactive Generative Art.

Smithsonian Kids

Fun stuff for kids online from the Smithsonian Institute.

The Art Zone

National Gallery of Art kids zone.

Artist's Toolkit

Explore the tools that artists use — like line, color and balance — to build works of art.

Toy Theater

Educational Games • Featuring math, art, spelling, puzzles, and more.

3D Block Design

Easy cube-based 3D design.


Article compilations of Art

Accessibility Tools
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